Wednesday, 17 August 2016

the challenging chap

So.....Jboy has decided to show the peeps at the MMDC the side of him which we see on a regular and exhausting basis....the Jboy which refuses to do as he is asked..the Jboy who flings himself to the ground when thwarted...the Jboy who grabs at people in an aggressive and rather worrying fashion...yes, this is our boy. We are both worn out with caring for our fellow and the constant hypervigilance which we must employ. Now he has shown this particular Jboy to the MMDC and they are a bit perturbed. M and I, when we take the Boy out, walk on either of bodyguards but we are in fact guarding the bodies of those around, rather than the Boy. as we are guarding them FROM the boy and his unpredictable arms. I am rather hoping that the MMDC will come up with some MM pressure, chaps!!!!  in the meantime we continue with our care and attention for a Boy who challenges us on every level.....its what parents do.
The End

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

dog days.....

So...I haven't been terribly active here recently. I wrote a thing recently about the dog days of summer and the origins of that saying but I have decided that for some of us the dog days are darker than they are for others, with the Black Dog nibbling away. Why this should be I don't know. Maybe because for many of us with family members who have Otherabilities, the long summer days are just that....long. The caring continues....for hours and hours. And many, like us, cannot take a holiday...for several reasons, finance being one of them but also the fact that our Boy does not like change of any sort for him, a holiday is stressful and scary. If he goes to theMost Marvellous Respite Centre we cannot guarantee that he will be able to stay there...if he exhibits signs of illness, or signs which they deem to be illness, he must come if we were to go away, we might have to return at any, while my friends and family whizz around the globe, M continues to work and I continue to do what I do and the Black dog lurks menacingly.
 I have decided that I don't do August
The End