Saturday, 31 October 2015

The High Life

So...our Jboy is at his short break centre this weekend.  The days without him to keep the rhythm of the day going feel very different. M spent the day in the garden doing manly things such as cutting and sawing. He has been a very happy bunny. He is now sorting the last box of his mother's belongings...not quite such a happy thing to do. She died in August and our house has been full of her clothes, papers (dating back to the second world war), bits of furniture and a billion photos of scenes which obviously meant a lot to her but just look like a load of seascapes or fields to us!  He has however just found something which has made us chuckle..he found a pair of know, for the chestal region.. items which resemble chicken fillets....

there are some things you just don't need to know about your mother!!!!

It has made the task a little less dreary though!!

The End

Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday musings

So..I have a selection of children but have chosen not to write about them so I can preserve their anonymity..also I fear that they might never speak to me again if I laid out their lives on a blog!!!

They did so remarkably well, growing up in a household where our lives had to be largely circled around Jboy . The first few years saw us in and out of hospital, with endless visits to doctors, various members of the medical profession or therapists.  They used to form a human wall around the boy when we were out and people stared at him...we walked along, wall first. Quite often my children would stare back until the starers noticed they had been spotted and stopped, usually scurrying away as quickly as possible. Reminiscent of a rodent.

I am pretty sure my other children will never read this so I can gush about them and say how much I love and appreciate them all. Thanks,all.
It has made them unafraid of difference, in others or themselves (I think). They certainly are not afraid of is just Other ability. They see in Jboy so much that others do not see.

So gush gush gush, my children.

The End

Thursday, 29 October 2015

time off for good behaviour?

My boy has developed a non sleeping habit which is all very well except he is 27, with the mind of a babe/toddler and if left alone would damage both himself and the when he is awake, we are awake. We have jokingly suggested to each other that we should just buy an ENORMOUS bed so that we three can all sleep together.  This idea while bonkers is also rather appealing. The idea of NOT having to get up in the cold dark hours of the night, trail down two flights of stairs and put on a jolly parent hat is getting more and more attractive.  Maybe we could turn the whole of his room into one huge bed, with cushions and quilts so wherever we ended up, we could be cosy and you know, the more I think of it, the better the idea becomes.......  Now where could I get sheets to fit a mattress the size of a room??? 

Answers on a postcard please.
The End


Friday, 23 October 2015

Coat forest

I have a forest of coats. I admit it.  However, not one of them cost more than £8.99 as they were all from charity shops. Oh how I love a charity shop!!  Why do I need a forest of coats??? Well, apart from the fact that I love colours and get bored by only having one coat, my boy likes to hold my arm and lean against my shoulder as we walk.  This can make walking tricky, especially going through narrow spaces, but it also means that the shoulders of any coat get a little...well, crusty!  Having a forest of cheap charity shop coats means that I can scrub away at the slightly crusty parts and not worry too much about ruining the coat beneath. I win!

So thank you, small market town where I live, for your generosity in the coat giving department which enables me to walk around largely crust free.


The End

nickiandtheboy I am on this blogging thing. By being here I feel a little intimidated and not a little overwhelmed. What do I write? Where do I start?  I have been writing about my boy (known as Jboy)and our adventures together. He is 27 going on 2 with profound learning disabilities. Life with my boy is a struggle, a challenge and an I thought I would try and share I am