Friday, 23 October 2015

Coat forest

I have a forest of coats. I admit it.  However, not one of them cost more than £8.99 as they were all from charity shops. Oh how I love a charity shop!!  Why do I need a forest of coats??? Well, apart from the fact that I love colours and get bored by only having one coat, my boy likes to hold my arm and lean against my shoulder as we walk.  This can make walking tricky, especially going through narrow spaces, but it also means that the shoulders of any coat get a little...well, crusty!  Having a forest of cheap charity shop coats means that I can scrub away at the slightly crusty parts and not worry too much about ruining the coat beneath. I win!

So thank you, small market town where I live, for your generosity in the coat giving department which enables me to walk around largely crust free.


The End

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