Friday, 21 July 2017

long time ....... has been a long time since I last sat and  wrote a bit of a blog. No reason..other than that of life.

I can't really remember where we were at last time I write so I shall assume that it was an age ago and start from there....

Melody Maid and Bassman Bill became Mr and Mrs Bill at the end of May. The wedding was joyful and fun, it didn't rain and was enjoyed by all.  The build up wasn't full of tension and fraughtness, just a lot of laughs, shrugging of shoulders as things went wrong and smiles when they went right. Well done, everyone!!!  JBoy did not attend. This was deliberate as he would have been very stressed by the whole thing and it also meant that we were able to enjoy it as much as the next man or woman!

DG has finished another term doing her thing. She has moved from her little house to a delightful flat which she will be sharing with others. Our house is now full once again of stuff...having been clear for a while, post wedding. Ah well. What are parents for if not a respository of all things?

We have had a week without the Boy. M has taken time off and I have also been absent from the Bookface for a few days. We have, during this time of leisure, moved DG from the house to the flat, M has tiled the downstairs bathroom...or rather completed the tiling in the downstairs bathroom....we have been to Birmingham, we have eaten OUT, we have watched completely unboy suitable tv, not had a potato for days and been to bed later than 9 o'clock. I have read about 7 books and had a rare old time.....

We have missed JBoy. Of course we have but we have also had a taste of how life must be for our contemporaries who seem to be retiring all around us.

i am now enjoying the last hour before his return...

Normal service will be resumed this evening.

The End

Monday, 3 April 2017

Better Monday

so.....having had my melt down and jolly good cry yesterday, I feel a lot better today. Nothing has changed, obviously. I was up with The Boy at about 1 and that was us, awake. So ,I should feel weary (I do) but somehow the abject misery and feelings of hopeless uselessness which so over whelmed me yesterday have somewhat dissipated.  I still grieve for that 'ordinariness' that many of the rest of our friends and acquaintances experience....but today, I am coping. It maybe helped that I read someone else's blog about  coping on some days but not coping on others. It helped. Maybe I am a different sort of of ordinary way. Maybe our family is its own way. I don't know. I just know that today I am coping. For that I am grateful.

The End

Sunday, 2 April 2017

melt down sunday I had a melt down. Endless broken nights, endlessly unconditi0nally being on hand, relentless demands...finally I tipped. It was a simple passing comment from another of our offspring that tipped me into a downward freefall. It wasn't meant to have that effect. But it did. Our life has not been an ordinary one for many years...but I didn't know how much I grieved for that ordinary life. I hadn't realised how much I long for an ordinary family where we can all sit around together and laugh together and maybe go on holiday together, with our children and their children. I hadn't known how much I envy the ordinariness of going to the pub..or an impromptu visit to a pizza house without military precision planning, bags of huge nappies, wipes etc.i hadn't acknowledged aloud the depth of my feelings, the agony of the pain of not being ordinary and the effect that has had on us as a family unit. I feel like I have failed.

So today has turned out to be a less than lovely day.

The end

Monday, 27 February 2017

the bird has flown

So....hours and moment have passed since last I wrote.  Things change. My lovely chum has gone back to the land of her birth which happens to be on the other side of the world. I know that in these modern times we can still keep in touch much more readily than in days gone by but it feels very different, knowing that I can't just pop over to see her.

DG has been home and gone back again. It is so lovely to see her but also so lovely knowing that she is doing the thing which she loves.  For me though, there is a gap where she was. This has happened with each of our offspring...they have is right and proper...and the gap they left behind will never be filled in the same way again. This is how it should be..I know. Except of course for JBoy. He is still here and will be for the foreseeable future. However M and I are becoming very aware of our age and the fact that we won't be able to do all we do with JBoy for much longer...but the alternative feels too hard.

the birds have flown
All but one
Who stays,
Enrobed with parental love
As we age around him

Thursday, 2 February 2017

the early start

So....I was awoken this morning at technically last night. Not very funny but if I don't laugh about it, I might cry!!! #Choosing to laugh.  I am just learning about these hashtags..still not sure of their purpose but I have been told I have to do it!!

JBoy did sleep a bit on and off after that so it isn't all bad. We listened to the twinkletinkle toy ad nauseam but I must have fallen asleep for a little while because I had a dream that I had smashed the twinkletinkle toy into a million pieces....but it was just a dream...or a nightmare, maybe.

The bus was the Right Bus this morning but with the Wrong driver so it was spectacularly late, leaving JBoy and I outside in the 'mild' February weather which may be mild for February but which feels positively fierce after an hour. Shivering, he climbed thankfully aboard whilst I went into the house to thaw. Having thawed, I ventured out again ,but this time with my big thick coat, to purchase the potatoes and have a little potter about. Not working today but I did stop to admire  'my' window (I was allowed and even encouraged to do the children's window yesterday...oh I had such fun.....) before forging forwards to the supermarket where I managed to purchase enough potatoes to keep the Boy happy for a couple of days.  I think baked today. Easiest for me and with my brain in a slightly mushed state I think easy is the way to go.

An hour before the Boy returns and the house is filled once again with the sound of singing Santas and noisy cars.

How am I doing with the hashtags???? Who knows? Who cares???

The End

Monday, 30 January 2017

monday monday

So....Monday, you are again. I have had a bit of a bleak few days but today is looking's weird really. There is no rhyme nor reason to these fluctuations in mood..unless I am linked in some way to the moon....stranger things have been suggested!   JBoy was particularly grumpy this morning, for no apparent reason. Maybe he too was having a January moment. Nothing was right for him today. I thought I might have a battle royale to get him on the Bus but thankfully, the most marvellous Escort took over and persuaded him that on the bus was the place to be. Off he went, grumping all the way.

I then walked briskly into town. A brisk walk is often a tonic to JBoy induced stresses. Today was cold and grey but I have felt lighter and brighter today than I have for many a day...see, no rhyme nor reason.

My head is full of thoughts..of course, my Offspring are all in there. I journal as well as occasional blogging. I have  used books and books of notebooks in my time. I love a good notebook.....if in doubt, buy a notebook and a lovely pen. It works a treat! In my current journal,when I think about my children, I write their names down in different colours. Then decorate the page with drawings, words ....whatever feels appropriate. I have also recently developed a handy will see the pun soon.....each finger represents a child, their partner or their children..they are literally at my fingertips. If I need to think and, yes, pray, for any given person at any given moment, I can literally hold the relevant digit and bring that person, those persons to mind.  It works for me at the moment.

We all find our own ways of doing things.. coping with things. Mine is writing them down and sometimes drawing them. Sometimes only a drawing will do as the words just won't come...I have written a diary or journal since I was about 9. It's part of who I am. They became more intense when JBoy was born as it was the only place I could let out my pain and agonised grief. At that point, I had three Others to keep relatively sane all my pent up emotions went onto paper and occasionally into a silent scream when no one was watching...

There have been other profoundly difficult times in my life when journaling became the lifebelt in my storm. So, for me ,it works or at least helps a little.I know it doesn't work for everyone and I admire people who find other coping mechanisms. It is important to find one...a coping mechanism that is. I hope that if anyone is reading this, you have found yours.

Bye for now
THe End

Off to peel the potato for the Boy.......some things never change!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

sunday is Sunday. Neither M nor I feel much able to Parent today. As there is no one else, we will have to. It's at times like this that I wish we had some external support. Churches we have attended have not been able, for whatever reason, to stand in that place and help us. We have no family nearby and today we feel very much alone in a world full of people.
We aren't alone. I know that. We aren't the only ones who feel stranded. Alone. Caught. I have no idea what the answer is..and until I find it, we shall have to soldier on and be the parents JBoy needs, despite ourselves. It's what we do. It's what hundreds of parents do.

Let's have a standing ovation for parents everywhere...for people who do even when they feel like they can't.....

The end

P.S. Sorry for the moany content of the most recent posts....clearly having a January moment