Monday, 24 October 2016

happy birthday Jboy my Boy is 28 years old. When he was born there seemed little chance that we would see his 10th birthday let alone his 28th. He is maddening, frustrating, exhausting and unpredictable but he is also loving and joyful and has a wicked sense of humour. He has given us, as a whole family, a different view on life. Some things matter less than maybe they might had we not had our boy. We are able to rejoice in little the fact that he managed to shut the car boot today all by himself. He kept going until he did it. He was determined that it should be shut and discovered how to do it. This is a small thing but for us it is huge..he made a choice, he experimented on how to do it, he persisted until he at last succeeded. What a chap!! It is his birthday but so far he has not  had any presents..he will be home shortly and then the present presenting can begin. What do you buy a 28year old who has the mind of small child??? You buy him things that you know he will enjoy but which you also know will probably last only a week or we have a toy washing machine (his favourite programme), a singing teddy and a singing Peppa pig. He also has a singing birthday card...he has presents from others too and will open those with delight and excitement. He isnt always keen on new things straight away and sometimes takes a day or two to get used to a new toy but he will look at them with unveiled suspicion, glare at them a few times, then  suddenly enjoy exploring all that they can do....alternatively, because he is so unpredictable, he may dive straight in and love everything. Who knows????  Who knew 28 years ago today the journey and direction that our lives would take? Who knew that things could be so bleak or so golden? We have known extremes of emotion with the Boy. We have sung, weeping, over him as we thought he was not going to reach the next day, we have laughed with him, we have watched him develop in his own short, we have experienced so much. Life with him is hard. Life without him would now be harder.
Happy birthday, my Boy.
The End