Friday, 7 October 2016

an autumnal moment

So..we re well into the swing of Autumn here...leaves falling, skies greying and shops filling with delightful and not quite so delightful Christmassy things. JBoy does not appear to notice the changing of the seasons...he just accepts it when we start to dress him in warmer clothes, thicker trousers and a slightly more padded jacket. I wonder if he does notice or whether he is oblivious. Routines change ever so slightly too.....lights go on earlier in the evening, the fire will soon be lit and radiators once again become logged in clothes as I try desperately to dry everything and avoid that wet dog smell that comes with slightly damp clothes which are put way before they should be. It is Jboy's birthday this month. He will be 28. I have found a nice noisy card but as yet, no present. I did order a singing teddy from Amazon but when it arrived, it failed to sing and the batteries eventually grew extremely hot and began to fizz...which isn't good. There is the temptation not to do his birthday at all as he isn't  particularly bothered by it but that feels mean and heartless....even if he has no idea what is going on. He knows about presents now and enjoys unwrapping things but that is more pertinent at Christmas when there the many presents and many people but for his birthday it's just him. Now that DG lives away and the Others have busy lives of their own, Jboy's birthday usually goes largely unmarked except by me. M isn't very hot on birthdays in general so would probably happily ignore everyone's, just isn't on his radar. So...what to do for a present........I have a couple of weeks but my mind is singularly empty of ideas, now that the singing bear is defunct.....what to do......all suggestions gratefully received.
Thank you
The End

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