Thursday, 29 September 2016


So....I have been helping at a mums and tots group for children with additional needs...well, we have only just started properly and so far haven't had many children but the group of peeps who help are all very lovely. Today I was talking to a specialist who came in to always surprises me how quite how close to the surface my feelings about JBoy are. We were talking about a time when Jboy was about two..unable to do anything much..even sitting up wasn't something he had mastered. We undertook a programme called Portage which breaks down into teeny tiny segments every action that you are trying to do...Progress is chartable...he can sit for 5 seconds...he can sit for 6 seconds, 10 seconds etc etc etc. It is an amazing scheme and i was surprised to learn that not everywhere in this country offers it as standard. Jboy made huge progress in small easily achievable chunks which the Others were able to see and help with too. It is a long time ago now but talking about it today brought back all those feelings, long since buried beneath the detritus of life...emotions run deep. Felt a bit on the weepy side to be honest...not in a self pitying sort of way..more of a 'we got through that' sort of thing, with a bit of 'HOW did we get through all that?'thrown in. Now my Boy has just arrived home from the MMDC, is demanding dvds and food and all manner of things. (Apparently today he has been 'lively' ..which is MMDC speak for Mr Opposite and Into Everything...)..I had better attend to him.
By the way, Portage is the practice of carrying one's canoe from one body of water to another and is also a place in the Americas where the Portage system for helping chaps and chapesses of Otherabilities was invented ...although what carrying canoes has to do with it I am not entirely sure.....

The End