Saturday, 24 September 2016

hello again

So....I have been inactive here for a while...not the Black Dog this time, hurrah. I have been gainfully employed once again in  the most marvellous Bookshop which has in the past offered me employment. I can now legitimately look at books, stroke books, stack books, smell books and organise books ...and be paid for it. They employ me for a few hours, within the Jboy parameters, to do those things. I even get to introduce some people to the books they never knew they needed to read. I have helped grandparents find books, helped a teen boy find books, discussed the merits or otherwise of several volumes, entertained toddlers and sorted shelves to look attractive and irresistible. I have put aside many books then put them back on the disciplined of me. Would that they could pay me in books!!!! As far as I am aware, Jboy has not noticed the difference, other than the fact that I am extremely tired on the days when I work so when he has his post MMDC nap, I have one too! This week, he has hurt his foot by kicking the car in protest to our asking him to get in it. We were in the grand metropolis which is not far from us. He had got into the car to go there, we had walked around, purchased the odd thing, had cake in a cafe and were trying to return home. this Jboy did not feel was acceptable!! He showed his protest by kicking the car so violently that he hurt his foot and subsequently could not walk for two days. This meant that i was IN ...and i don't do being in very well. However, after two days he was limping and very very keen to go to the. MMDC as he was bored beyond reason at home with me...he clearly doesn't do being In very well either. He has managed very well all week and is now at his Most Marvellous Respite Centre. We have celebrated by painting the bathroom ..well, M has.....cutting the grass, again M....while I have been chatting to you. A fair division of labour......maybe not :-)
Jboy is being particularly difficult at the moment which is why this weekend could not come quickly enough. I am...nay, we are eternally grateful for the MMRC and cant imagine how we would cope without it.
So..on with the day.......
Ther End