Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Black Dog returns

So....this summer has been characterised by me and the Black Dog going head to head on several occasions.  I could feel his yellowed teeth in my leg and smell his putrid black breath on my skin. He makes me tired and tearful, weary and worried, anxious and ailing. My Other self tells me these days will pass and pushes the Black Dog away, unafraid of its bark or bite but sometimes, just sometimes, the Black Dog wins. I bear the scars.  My Boy is lovely but relentless in his neediness and dependence. Sleep deprivation must eventually take its toll. Maybe it is the longer and hotter days that give the Black Dog his energy yet sap mine. I have been near the precipice ..ok mixed metaphors,sorry....and those that know me,know that edges and precipices are not things which I enjoy in any way.
But today is September. Today I am being gummed by a greying dog which is much less scary than being bitten by a Black one.
So...onwards and upwards
Happy September y'all
The End