Monday, 26 September 2016

the end of a potato free weekend

So...a weekend without the Boy has passed like the proverbial flash. Where did the time go?  It went on painting the bathroom, sorting out the loft and generally being busy,trying to get done all the things we can't normally get done. Today, he will be returning, expecting potato and Shaun the sheep on tap. We have enjoyed a sheepless weekend and indeed a potato-free weekend to boot. It has shown us that we still like each other (that's a relief) and have things to talk about. However, we haven't managed to sleep very well. Months, nay years, of broken nights have taken their toll and our sleep patterns have been well and truly mangled. Neither of us slept well at all. Each night was a little better than the night before really we need a week at least to get proper sleep and recharge our internal batteries. Oh cannot have everything!!!
We have a plasterer coming to do the  kitchen ceiling, where the old bath leaked through.....he asked me to remove all ornaments and pictures from the walls.....has he seen our kitchen????? It may take me some time!!!!
On another completely unrelated note, today i saw a pixie hat.......

Autumn is truly here

The End