Monday, 19 December 2016

is this the real thing???? lovely cousin has persuaded me to continue to write bits and bobs here and here I am. This will probably be the last post of 2016 and as the round of letters which come in Christmas cards reminds me, I should do a run down of the family shenanigans for 2016. I could do the sanitised version where all is lightness and joy, no one has any problems and we are all bouncing with expectation for 2017...or I could tell the truth and say I have never been so tired in my entire life, life looking after my Boy is completely draining and often quite beige, various of my off spring have had a very challenging year which is an understatement and when asked what we look forward to in 2017, M has been heard to say, 'getting through it, one day at a time.'
Maybe the recipients of our Christmas cards would rather not hear that.
It hasn't all been beige though....Melody Maid and Bassman Bill got engaged and moved into a lovely house which were both bright spots on the canvas of 2016. I am working at the bookshop which is for me a very bright spot. We had a weekend away as a present from some lovely people which was rather not all beige or grey.
But today finds me weary. The weather is grey, Dancing Girl is home but ill and JBoy has been very challenging today...maybe tomorrow will be brighter, pink or yellow maybe.🌈

Anyway, to anyone who might be reading this....have a peaceful and calm Christmas and may your 2017 be all that you hope to be.

Merry greetings

THe End