Thursday, 29 December 2016

merry Twixtmas

So.....the Christmas festivities have come and largely gone. JBoy was the jolly recipient of many a noisy toy, some of which have already bitten the proverbial dust. He enjoyed it all...especially the melodic saxophone playing dog and the scary laughing monkey. Thankfully for the rest of us the monkey is one of the toys which has bitten the dust....when I bought it for him, it seemed benign and jolly but the longer it laughed its maniacal laugh, the more sinister it became. We have breathed a collective sigh of relief at its demise.

We are in that time betwixt the festivities of Christmas and the clean sweepingness of the New is time which I believe has been called Twixtmas by some. I quite like that.

Christmas, for me at least,  conjures up bonhomie, warmth, lovely cinnamon smells and tasty delights..(very Hygge..if you are au fait with such things)...whereas, for me, the New Year is fresher, sharper, emptier, if you will.  I know it all means different things to different people and New Year might be a glorious experience for you and I really hope it is.  We have largely given up staying up until midnight as one of us will inevitably be up within a few hours. if I sound negative about the New Year celebration, I really don't mean to... but we have given up expecting anything other than more of the same....and while we love our Boy with a passion, we sometimes yearn to be able to do something wild , well..unpredictable, such as go to a pub, or have nothing at all for tea because we aren't actually hungry until much later...or turn left out of our know, wild things like that.

JBoy finds comfort in familiarity so who are we to force him into discomfort???

Today, I had a little walk through the park in the town where we live nd took a few pictures on my little phone. It was actually a splendid day...made one feel positively perky.

So.......Have an amazing 2017 and be all that you can be.

The End

Pictures of:
The river
A street with smoke, threading into the blue
And me, dressed up against the cold and looking positively not English!!!