Thursday, 2 February 2017

the early start

So....I was awoken this morning at technically last night. Not very funny but if I don't laugh about it, I might cry!!! #Choosing to laugh.  I am just learning about these hashtags..still not sure of their purpose but I have been told I have to do it!!

JBoy did sleep a bit on and off after that so it isn't all bad. We listened to the twinkletinkle toy ad nauseam but I must have fallen asleep for a little while because I had a dream that I had smashed the twinkletinkle toy into a million pieces....but it was just a dream...or a nightmare, maybe.

The bus was the Right Bus this morning but with the Wrong driver so it was spectacularly late, leaving JBoy and I outside in the 'mild' February weather which may be mild for February but which feels positively fierce after an hour. Shivering, he climbed thankfully aboard whilst I went into the house to thaw. Having thawed, I ventured out again ,but this time with my big thick coat, to purchase the potatoes and have a little potter about. Not working today but I did stop to admire  'my' window (I was allowed and even encouraged to do the children's window yesterday...oh I had such fun.....) before forging forwards to the supermarket where I managed to purchase enough potatoes to keep the Boy happy for a couple of days.  I think baked today. Easiest for me and with my brain in a slightly mushed state I think easy is the way to go.

An hour before the Boy returns and the house is filled once again with the sound of singing Santas and noisy cars.

How am I doing with the hashtags???? Who knows? Who cares???

The End