Friday, 21 July 2017

long time ....... has been a long time since I last sat and  wrote a bit of a blog. No reason..other than that of life.

I can't really remember where we were at last time I write so I shall assume that it was an age ago and start from there....

Melody Maid and Bassman Bill became Mr and Mrs Bill at the end of May. The wedding was joyful and fun, it didn't rain and was enjoyed by all.  The build up wasn't full of tension and fraughtness, just a lot of laughs, shrugging of shoulders as things went wrong and smiles when they went right. Well done, everyone!!!  JBoy did not attend. This was deliberate as he would have been very stressed by the whole thing and it also meant that we were able to enjoy it as much as the next man or woman!

DG has finished another term doing her thing. She has moved from her little house to a delightful flat which she will be sharing with others. Our house is now full once again of stuff...having been clear for a while, post wedding. Ah well. What are parents for if not a respository of all things?

We have had a week without the Boy. M has taken time off and I have also been absent from the Bookface for a few days. We have, during this time of leisure, moved DG from the house to the flat, M has tiled the downstairs bathroom...or rather completed the tiling in the downstairs bathroom....we have been to Birmingham, we have eaten OUT, we have watched completely unboy suitable tv, not had a potato for days and been to bed later than 9 o'clock. I have read about 7 books and had a rare old time.....

We have missed JBoy. Of course we have but we have also had a taste of how life must be for our contemporaries who seem to be retiring all around us.

i am now enjoying the last hour before his return...

Normal service will be resumed this evening.

The End

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