Wednesday, 9 November 2016

trump day

So...will today go down in the annals of history as Trump day?? The day when the Trump card was played????  The world watches with interest and slight trepidation as the USA goes forward from here.

While such vast wheels of political machinery are in motion, every day life goes on apace. The Right Bus still has to arrive. The Right routines still have to be followed. Or the world would indeed be coming to an end...certainly for my Boy it would.

I was thinking as we stood, freezing, waiting for the bus this morning. I was thinking about regimes which 'liquidate' vulnerable members of their society so that these vulnerable people are not a drain on the societal coffers and resources. In history, this liquidation has been 'sold' as being in the best interests of the greater good. Let's hope history has taught its lesson well.

Enough from me

The End