Wednesday, 20 July 2016

broken respite

So..I have been largely quiet recently...not for any reason other than life has been busy. Jboy is currently at his Most Marvellous Respite Centre..and I have had a few days where I pretended I was on holiday. Of course the UK weather helped as it has been hot and sunny...and we did have a busy weekend, taking DG to London where she is now dancing her socks off at a Summer school and loving it...but today, Wednesday, has shown us why we cannot go far afield when Jboy is away. We had a call saying that he has a stomach bug. Imagine if we had been called home from Spain or France..we DO have a whole raft of splendid people on standby BUT they couldn't be expected to deal with a poorly here I am, awaiting the arrival of a very hot and probably very grumpy boy as his normal routine has been tossed out of the window and he has to Come Home when he should be going to the MMDC. I am girding myself even as we speak!!
No doubt today will be less than marvellous.
The End