Thursday, 21 July 2016

day 2 of the non-illness we are. At home. Neither one of us poorly in any way,shape or form. Poor Jboy wandered about with his bag this morning getting more and more distressed as the appointed Right Bus hour came and went again without so much as a whiff of bus. It's hard to explain to a chap who doesn't understand lots of things that someone thought he was poorly and needed to be at home..I did manage to wrangle him into town but he wouldn't do anything other than stand by his bench, occasionally chase the odd pigeon or two and watch the many and varied busses which came along. Eventually, when nature's call was becoming very strong, I called M who was working at home to come and rescue us. This he did, much to my relief (in many ways). Together, we managed to herd Jboy home with promises of sandwiches and Shaun the Sheep. Now here we are, Jboy and I, pinned while Shaun does his sheepy thing and M resumes work......thankfully, Jboy will be able to return to the MMDC tomorrow..he will be pleased. Btw tomorrow is our wedding anniversary....I expect we shall celebrate by M going to work because he has to and me going for a coffee...because I can!!! And they say that the age of romance is dead......!
The End