Friday, 1 July 2016

2.24am we are, Jboy and I. It is 2.24am....I would say it's a joy to be here but I would be fibbing. We have wrestled and I have tried reasoning with him but here we are, watching Pointless Celebrities, which is indeed pointless. Time was when I might have just finished a particularly riveting chapter at this time and rather than being an early morning this would have been a late night...gone are those days. Loooong gone. Due to diminishing brain cells,caused largely by lack of sleep and probably ageing, I can no longer sustain long reading sessions into the dark of the night. My reading material has changed over the years bookery diet has become considerably lighter. I am currently reading a book in which the plot, and I use the term lightly, is so obvious that I already know what is going to happen...and I have barely started my literary snack. Sometimes a book can be really disappointing and it leaves me still hungry. I have just finished such a tome..many, many pages...a twisty turny story then suddenly,in a flurry, it was all if the author got a bit bored and needed to move on. I was sad and felt a little bit cheated. Books have always featured large in the lives of our offspring too..including Jboy. Yesterday I was helping at a mother/parent and toddlers group..aimed at parents with children who have additional needs..or , as I usually say, Otherabilities. Due to my Boy's televisual preferences, I know a lot of things about preschool viewing and characters when one of the children chose a book about Peppa Pig, I was able to enter into the plot with gusto and appropriate voices. I had fun. Well it is now 3.00am and my brain is refusing to think in words so I shall go and hope that Jboy will go to sleep before too long. Good night ...or is it good morning?
The End
Ps I think the word 'read' might be related to the German word 'reden' which originally meant , making sense of written symbols...but it might's ten past three,after all...and who cares?