Wednesday, 29 June 2016


So...I was Parent on Duty today and my call came at silly o'clock although it wasn't as silly as some o'clocks I have known. Jboy was in fine fettle..raring to get on with the day. Wearily I followed suit, slightly less raringly. We followed the normal morning routine of breaking our fast with cereal...gluten free oaty delights for Jboy and something lumpy and crunchy and purportedly healthy for me. Then I made the sandwiches and Jboy had his compulsory sandwich cast offs after which we headed for the bathroom for the first of the day's ablutions. Whilst sitting happily in the bathroom, waiting for the water to be just at the right temperature with the optimum amount of bubbles, Jboy decided to launch one of his last remaining battery powered toys (a fire engine with a rather splendid operatic voice)into the foamy waves. Alas and alack Mr Emergency, as we like to call him, has been rendered silent and his fine operatic rendition of such ditties as "emergency , emergency lets go and fight the fire" are no more. He is sitting, dripping silently and forlornly, with an occasional hopeful prod by Jboy. Jboy can exhibit signs of unexpected cleveritude but when it comes to baths, bubbles and toys, his cleveritude dissipates like the bubbles in his bath. Ah well, on with Wednesday.
The End
Ps the most marvellous word 'verisimilitude' is my favourite today.