Monday, 27 June 2016

Merry Monday

So..another weekend has come and gone. What larks, what frolics did we get up to this weekend??? Well, if I gave you a guess I expect you would be to hazard one.....yes, we went to a garden centre. After much huffing and puffing by the Boy, we managed to encourage him into the car and off we went. This particular garden centre has fish galore..Jboy headed straight for this section, leaving M and I gasping for refreshment after what had been a rather fraught morning. Once Jboy's fishy fancy had been satisfied, he was happy to venture to the cafĂ© where we indulged in a large bowl of coffee apiece (well, not Jboy...he doesn't 'do' coffee). M and Jboy both had an enormous bacon sandwich while I sat virtuously and watched. No I didn't!!!! I scoffed a huge slice of Victoria Sponge!!! We then meandered around the garden centre, M and I resisting the pull of many a flowery treat until we felt it must surely be time to go home. Jboy did not agree. Then ensued a small battle of wills, won by M...eventually. In silence, all words having been extinguished by the battle, we drove home. After a little while of being IN, Jboy decided that he needed to be once again, we gathered up his bag of essentials and set off , on foot this time, into town. We followed out normal town routine...M and jboy stood on the square while I was sent to find a seat in the coffee house of Jboy's choosing...this time the one which rhymes with CarTrucks..and awaited the arrival of Man and Boy. I did not have long to wait. I managed to get Jboy's preferred seat where he can watch traffic from all directions with ease. And so our Saturday played out.  Sunday dawned.With it (although not at dawn) came the arrival of a dog (and owner) for a visit. Jboy was ,at first. somewhat anxious about said dog, Then he became interested and finally enamoured. He spent a goodly amount of time following the dog, laughing at the dog and eventually showing his delight in the dog by trying to sit on its lap, not quite realising that dogs do not have laps in the same way as people do. The dog was very tolerant. Jboy flapped his cloth at the dog, stroked the dog, tried to pull the dog's tail and generally loved the dog until the poor creature took refuge under the table. When at last the dog departed, Jboy fell into an exhausted sleep, possibly dreaming of hounds.
Today, we had an early start. I was Parent on Duty...Jboy was breakfasted and bathed and Bob the Buildering by the time M stumbled down the stairs. When it came to be time for the Bus Vigil on the Pavement, Jboy and I were weary. The bus arrived. The Right Bus. The Right Driver. The Right Escort. I said my goodbyes and scurried into the house. I hadn't even reached the chair in the bay window when Jboy got on the bus and was seated in position..I was just in time to wave a cheery wave. Result!! long may it continue.  Now it is 12.25 and I feel need to have a if you will excuse me I shall find a cosy corner and have a delightful snooze...
The End