Friday, 24 June 2016

friday frolics

So....the United Kingdom has voted to leave the EU,eh?...well, almost half of us didn't.  Almost half of us voted to remain and be part of the larger European family....

life goes on......

So..the Most Marvellous Mr A at the Most Marvellous Day Centre has come up with a cunning plan. A Most Marvellous Cunning Plan at that. He has suggested that when the Right Bus arrives, I hand over the bag containing all Jboy's essentials for the day, wait for the Most Marvellous L (the excellent escort extraordinaire) to get off the bus and then I scarper. This is did, this very morning. A quick kiss and a cheery cheerio and I was off. I legged it back to the house..where of course I stood on the chair in the bay window so that I could watch the pavement progress progressing. (I have to stand on the chair otherwise I cannot see over the bushes which we have growing outside which take the place of net curtains or opaque windows). I watched as Jboy stood about for a bit, presumably wondering what on earth was going on, then calmly walked to the bus ...AND GOT ON!!! No wrestling. No pavement rolling. No fence sliding. The Most Marvellous L and I ,grinning like Cheshire cats, waved at each other like wild waving things as the bus pulled away, bearing my contrarywise fellow for a day of fun and frolic.
Friday fun
The End