Friday, 10 June 2016

another respite.....

So..Jboy decided that he WOULD get on the Right Bus today, after about two weeks of refusing and generally rolling around on the pavement. We, the Right Driver, the lovely escort and I, were preparing ourselves for the usual 15 to 20 minute delay as he has been indulging in a fair bit of refusnikery of late..but today, he climbed aboard, chuckling and smiling. And they say he is not unpredictable!!!  This weekend is one of cheese and TV without subtitles as it is a respite weekend. To celebrate I bought cheesy topped bread and a Will Smith DVD....oh, joy untold! Maybe the fact that Jboy was going on respite was enough to spur him onto the bus with nary a backward glance. Who knows???? Not I! I have had a bit of a purposeless day, wandering hither and thither, unable to settle down to anything much. Velma, our intrepid vehicle, has been very poorly and needed to spend the night at the garage to be mended. At great expense, she is returned, feeling a bit sorry for herself.  I have been carless....not that I use it overly, but when I cannot, I feel the lack! I also often spend the first day of Jboy's respite feeling restless and misplaced. I also feel a lightness of spirit and a sense of relief which I then feel guilty for feeling...oh, the agonies of parenthood! It's a weird old thing....this parenting lark!!
On that happy note, I shall crack open the cheesy topped bread!!!
The End