Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Jboy and the early start

So..I have been awake for a Very Long Time on this hot and sultry day. Jboy seemed to think 2.35am would be a good time to start the day. He has been waking at a slightly later hour most recently which has made commenting on the early mornings unnecessary...as they weren't (too early). Today, however ,we resumed crack of dawn patrol. Then, to compound the day, the Boy decided that getting on the bus, Right as it was, was NOT the thing to do today. We had an intense' conversation' about it and eventually, after many minutes, he saw the folly of his ways and reluctantly climbed aboard. Hurrah for the patient most Marvellous Driver and the Luscious Lovely escort!! They are not allowed to intervene but I could feel them cheering me on!! Once he had deigned to climb aboard and the bus had driven off, I continued with the day. Today I have been mostly planting . I ordered a load of 'plug' plants from a cottage garden nursery. They arrived today looking very sad and sorry for themselves...and terribly , terribly small. So I installed them in their place and . hoping that they do not prove to be an aperitif for the deer, they will one day look splendid. Tomorrow is M's birthday. Hurrah for M. As he does Not Do FB, I can reveal the fact that part of his present is an elephant. Not a real elephant. That would have been tricky to keep hidden. He made mention in passing at one of our garden centre visits that he rather liked the look of a stone elephant. Unbeknownst to him, I returned to said GC and purchased little Jumbo. (Jumbolet?). Here's hoping he meant it!! Or Jumbolet may be consigned to the depths of the shed and that would such a shame. Jboy returned home at his appointed hour, having had a similar 'discussion' with the staff at the Most Marvellous Day Centre about getting on the bus, despite its Rightness. Ah well. Unpredictable is his middle name. (Clearly it isn't )
Now, I must prepare The Potato.
The End