Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sunday scribblings we drove through the rolling landscape of our rural county,passing fields of sheep (we once had visitors from Germany who always referred to more than one sheep as sheeps...and thus it has since been in my mind) and those bright yellow , almost neon yellow, fields of oil seed rape which were once so alien in our landscapes, a foreign invader, but which now are a normal part of this time of year. It was promising to be a lovely day and we were headed to a garden centre (of course). As we went along I was thinking about the passage of time and how nature is a great marker of the passage of time. I have a calendar to help me with that too..not an electronic one, I am not technologically savvy enough for that. No, my calendar is a Moomin calendar, on the pantry door. Why Moomin, you might wonder?? Why not, I riposte!! It was a present from M for Christmas..well, truth be told, I bought it and he wrapped it to give to me, so the choice of a Moomin calendar was mine alone!! I can blame no one else. I prefer the solidity of a real calendar much as i prefer a book to an electronic read really. I like the feel, the smell, the texture of a book. Apparently, books, as in the real paper things, are now becoming a status symbol..according to radio 4 , so it must be true!! A symbol of what status I wonder? Books have the added bonus, for us, of not breaking if and when Jboy throws them!! On the theme of generally being an old stick (paper calendars, paper books etc), there is a move towards 'greening' of driveways. We are doing quite well on that fits nicely with our general view of life. well mine. M is much tidier than me. Our drive was, today, awash with the buzzing of bees on the plantery that has colonised the top bit of the drive and I can even pretend it is deliberate for it to look like that!!! I win!!
The End