Saturday, 4 June 2016

ticket to adventure.....

So... Jboy and I found ourselves, pinned to the settee with excitement and anticipation this morning as we watched an episode of Ben and Holly which we had never seen before. For those of you who care, it was the episode where Ben and Holly et al are stranded up Mount Everest. It is the episode which involves magic, a tent in the shape of a castle(A CASTLE!!!) and a certain amount of pre-school peril, which was ,of course , ultimately resolved. (Phew!) What's not to like???? No wonder we were pinned!! They declared that it was a most marvellous adventure(my words, not theirs!) which naturally led me to thinking of the word 'adventure' and all things adventurous. The root stem of the word is, I believe, of Latin origin 'advenire'..which means, if memory serves, to arrive. So an adventure is something which is going to happen. My dictionary says 'adventure' means unusual and exciting or daring experience:2.•a reckless or potentially hazardous action or enterprise: and 3. an exciting experience. I have concluded after great deliberation(alright, after the couple of minutes before Peppa Pig came on the TV to entertain and delight) that adventure must surely mean different things to different people. For us, an adventure might , these days,be discovering a new garden centre which Jboy will go into!! For parents of small children, the adventure might be having a bath ON ONE'S OWN! Maybe the adventure could be walking the Pennine Way (Susan Hammond). I was once in a group of women, most marvellous of course, who met weekly (and sometimes weakly). At one point I made them all a Ticket To Adventure (say this in portentous continuity announcery tones) as a simple reminder that every day is a new one and therefore an adventure. And yes, life does tend to be the same day after day for many peeps but , when I remember, I try to find the adventure within that! So what is your adventure? Getting up can be an adventure when all you want to do is hide under the duvet, Going into a new place can be adventure if it isn't something you like to do. Walking the Pennine Way? Deep sea diving? Going to Sainsburys instead of Tesco..or vice versa...whatever your adventure is, enjoy it, delight in it.....let's do this!!!!
The End