Monday, 11 July 2016

Jboy,the Tshirt and the TV

So....the weekend has gone and here we are, Monday again. A Monday in July. As Jboy and I stood, awaiting the arrival of the Right Bus this morning, we listened to the wind howling above us and did a little dodge the raindrops dance. Ah, oh to be in England,now July is here!! Yesterday Jboy did something remarkable in its Jboy significance....let me explain. Jboy has not shown much understanding of many things (he has GREAT understanding of other things I hasten to add) but this weekend he made the link between a picture on his T shirt and a DVD of choice. I was Parent on Duty yesterday. Once fed and watered, bathed and dressed, we shuffled into the froom to pass the time until M emerged from his comfy, sleepy state. I had dressed Jboy, unthinkingly, in the first Tshirt my hand had come across, as is my happened to be a Tshirt bearing the likeness of a certain Wallace. There had been no indication that Jboy had noticed what he was wearing but upon entering the froom, he started to lift his outer long sleeved garment. I thought, mistakenly, that he was attempting to UNdress so I started to make motherly noises about being cold....HOWEVER on further investigation, I saw that he was pointing to the likeness of Wallace adorning his little chest. 'Oh,'I said'Do you want to watch Wallace and Grommet?'. He nodded and we did. Now this is remarkable on many levels..that he noticed what he was wearing, that he made the link between it and the DVD and that he worked out that if he pointed to the Tshirt, he might get a DVD of choice, without having to work his way through the Cupboard of Technology to find it first. Such a clever fellow.
The End
PS you know how some gardeners have a little robin as their gardening companion?? We appear to have a blackbird fulfilling that role. It hops about waiting for some yummy mealworm or birdseed. It is getting very bold......and yesterday was merely inches from M as he pottered about, gardeningly. We shall call him Blackie.