Thursday, 21 July 2016

day 2 of the non-illness we are. At home. Neither one of us poorly in any way,shape or form. Poor Jboy wandered about with his bag this morning getting more and more distressed as the appointed Right Bus hour came and went again without so much as a whiff of bus. It's hard to explain to a chap who doesn't understand lots of things that someone thought he was poorly and needed to be at home..I did manage to wrangle him into town but he wouldn't do anything other than stand by his bench, occasionally chase the odd pigeon or two and watch the many and varied busses which came along. Eventually, when nature's call was becoming very strong, I called M who was working at home to come and rescue us. This he did, much to my relief (in many ways). Together, we managed to herd Jboy home with promises of sandwiches and Shaun the Sheep. Now here we are, Jboy and I, pinned while Shaun does his sheepy thing and M resumes work......thankfully, Jboy will be able to return to the MMDC tomorrow..he will be pleased. Btw tomorrow is our wedding anniversary....I expect we shall celebrate by M going to work because he has to and me going for a coffee...because I can!!! And they say that the age of romance is dead......!
The End

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

broken respite

So..I have been largely quiet recently...not for any reason other than life has been busy. Jboy is currently at his Most Marvellous Respite Centre..and I have had a few days where I pretended I was on holiday. Of course the UK weather helped as it has been hot and sunny...and we did have a busy weekend, taking DG to London where she is now dancing her socks off at a Summer school and loving it...but today, Wednesday, has shown us why we cannot go far afield when Jboy is away. We had a call saying that he has a stomach bug. Imagine if we had been called home from Spain or France..we DO have a whole raft of splendid people on standby BUT they couldn't be expected to deal with a poorly here I am, awaiting the arrival of a very hot and probably very grumpy boy as his normal routine has been tossed out of the window and he has to Come Home when he should be going to the MMDC. I am girding myself even as we speak!!
No doubt today will be less than marvellous.
The End

Monday, 11 July 2016

Jboy,the Tshirt and the TV

So....the weekend has gone and here we are, Monday again. A Monday in July. As Jboy and I stood, awaiting the arrival of the Right Bus this morning, we listened to the wind howling above us and did a little dodge the raindrops dance. Ah, oh to be in England,now July is here!! Yesterday Jboy did something remarkable in its Jboy significance....let me explain. Jboy has not shown much understanding of many things (he has GREAT understanding of other things I hasten to add) but this weekend he made the link between a picture on his T shirt and a DVD of choice. I was Parent on Duty yesterday. Once fed and watered, bathed and dressed, we shuffled into the froom to pass the time until M emerged from his comfy, sleepy state. I had dressed Jboy, unthinkingly, in the first Tshirt my hand had come across, as is my happened to be a Tshirt bearing the likeness of a certain Wallace. There had been no indication that Jboy had noticed what he was wearing but upon entering the froom, he started to lift his outer long sleeved garment. I thought, mistakenly, that he was attempting to UNdress so I started to make motherly noises about being cold....HOWEVER on further investigation, I saw that he was pointing to the likeness of Wallace adorning his little chest. 'Oh,'I said'Do you want to watch Wallace and Grommet?'. He nodded and we did. Now this is remarkable on many levels..that he noticed what he was wearing, that he made the link between it and the DVD and that he worked out that if he pointed to the Tshirt, he might get a DVD of choice, without having to work his way through the Cupboard of Technology to find it first. Such a clever fellow.
The End
PS you know how some gardeners have a little robin as their gardening companion?? We appear to have a blackbird fulfilling that role. It hops about waiting for some yummy mealworm or birdseed. It is getting very bold......and yesterday was merely inches from M as he pottered about, gardeningly. We shall call him Blackie.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

jelly and so on...

So...this week I have mostly been ill. I spent at least two days asleep and only emerged yesterday in a very tentative way. I am glad I did as I met with a lovely friend that I haven't seen for far too long although ,thanks to the marvels of modern technology ,we still know everything about each other. That's one of the joyous things bout this modern age...we can be far apart and yet still be as close as ever.
Being ill has crystallised some of the difficulties of having a chap with Otherabilities...who is there to call on??? I have some lovely friends who would come at the drop of the proverbial hat..but they also have lives and children and did, however, deliver me a pile of orange jelly...not in a globulous pile, that would be disgusting, but she left a little pile of ready made jelly on the door step as I had told her it was the only thing I could stomach. A Jelly Fairy. Thank you Jelly Fairy.
Poor M had to be Parent on duty for a run of nights in a I was good for nothing. He managed  extremely well but found the cooking rather a trial. It is well out of his comfort zone..poor chap. He did well.  M also had to cope with the whole putting on the bus routine...neither M nor Jboy were impressed by this. I was too asleep to be able to remind M to do the 'concrete post' song or the 'finger in the fence hole' ditty or the 'up and down the curly wurly iron railing' wonder the poor chap was reluctant. Still we were back to normal this morning...Jboy made his usual protest about getting on the bus but the Most Marvellous Escort waved her magic high vis wand and on he got , smiling and chuckling with the satisfaction of having watched his mother stand on the pavement in full view of the public, singing songs about a concrete post, a little hole in the fence and a curly wurly iron railing. My humiliation complete, we each got on with our day.
So I have learned that friends are friends no matter how long it is since you have seen them, jelly solves a lot of things, jelly fairies are real, Netflix is a marvellous invention(I watched a Christmas film and I am proud), M CAN do it, Jboy CAN survive nd I can sleep for England,given half a chance.
THe End

Friday, 1 July 2016

2.24am we are, Jboy and I. It is 2.24am....I would say it's a joy to be here but I would be fibbing. We have wrestled and I have tried reasoning with him but here we are, watching Pointless Celebrities, which is indeed pointless. Time was when I might have just finished a particularly riveting chapter at this time and rather than being an early morning this would have been a late night...gone are those days. Loooong gone. Due to diminishing brain cells,caused largely by lack of sleep and probably ageing, I can no longer sustain long reading sessions into the dark of the night. My reading material has changed over the years bookery diet has become considerably lighter. I am currently reading a book in which the plot, and I use the term lightly, is so obvious that I already know what is going to happen...and I have barely started my literary snack. Sometimes a book can be really disappointing and it leaves me still hungry. I have just finished such a tome..many, many pages...a twisty turny story then suddenly,in a flurry, it was all if the author got a bit bored and needed to move on. I was sad and felt a little bit cheated. Books have always featured large in the lives of our offspring too..including Jboy. Yesterday I was helping at a mother/parent and toddlers group..aimed at parents with children who have additional needs..or , as I usually say, Otherabilities. Due to my Boy's televisual preferences, I know a lot of things about preschool viewing and characters when one of the children chose a book about Peppa Pig, I was able to enter into the plot with gusto and appropriate voices. I had fun. Well it is now 3.00am and my brain is refusing to think in words so I shall go and hope that Jboy will go to sleep before too long. Good night ...or is it good morning?
The End
Ps I think the word 'read' might be related to the German word 'reden' which originally meant , making sense of written symbols...but it might's ten past three,after all...and who cares?