Friday, 27 January 2017


So....later this year Melodymaid and Bassmanbill will be getting married. I have been given the amazing privilege of making the wedding cake. I made one for Bohemianbabe then later another for Medicineman...this was in the days when I had many offspring living at home so cake making was something which happened on a weekly basis. I am no Mary Berry or any other reknowned cake maker but I had developed a chocolate cake that became my signature bake. Since then we have dwindled to a household of of whom cannot eat ordinary cake, one of whom does not eat cake due to her ever expanding waistline (guess which one of the three that is) and the other would eat it but making an entire cake for one man seems somehow bad and wrong. So..I m somewhat out of practice. This has however given me an excuse, should one be needed, to do a flurry of practice runs. The final cake will be a piece of art work and the layer which I have made today will eventually be part of the whole....the final design remains a secret...hee hee...apart from all the people I have told. The above photo is attempt number three of layer number two. This third attempt is neither too dry nor too soggy. I may have done it! However, the wedding is not until May and whilst I COULD freeze the thing, it might not be so nice after several months in the freezer SO we might just have to eat it.......not JBoy obviously.....he might explode if he had this in his digestive system.....oh, what to do, what to do!!!  Clearly I need a cake eating party. Hands up if you are coming........

Best go and wipe the chocolate off my face where I licked the spoon and managed to paint  my face with chocolate

Happy cake Friday

THe End