Saturday, 28 January 2017

Saturday musings has been a day of mixed events. JBoy woke up grumpy and has grumped around most of the day. We managed to walk into town. That was quite pleasant. We stood on the town square. That was quite pleasant....if a little chilly. We walked around the town a little. That was quite pleasant. Then, after an hour or so M and I were chilled to our bones and needed to come home...this was when JBoy became less than pleasant. He fought. He pushed. He grabbed. He fell to the ground. He tried to uproot plants from the carefully planted planters which grace the town square. He was generally unpleasant. After repeated comments such as, 'time to go home now' and 'shall we go home for a sandwich we managed to stagger from planter to lamppost, from lamppost to shop door etc all the way home. On rival at our humble abode we were all exhausted. Thai is was one of the less appealing aspects to the day.

A jolly thing which happened this afternoon was that some of our lovely friends came for a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Yes, they tried the wedding cake layer 2. It was generally approved by all. Hurrah. That was a happy part of the day.

We , M nd I, have discovered the joys of Netflix so the latter part of the afternooon nd the early part of this evening has been spent in watching a film on Netflix. Sometimes we had the sound on...what a treat........JBoy's sensibilities are far too delicate for us to have the sound on all the time!!...that has been a pleasant thing.

So. A day which has been good in is these good parts which enable us to cope with the less good ones. Maybe a maxim for life.....the good parts enable us to do the less good parts. I shall try to remember that!!!

Much love to all and sundry

The End