Wednesday, 25 January 2017


So.....awakened at 3.30am by JBoy, I am now sitting, immobile, by a lovely cosy fire, trying to keep my eyes open as said Boy will soon be returning from the Most Marvellous day Centre.  I am sure he has had a splendid day , full of jolly japes and raillerie . I too have had a jolly with chums, a spot of necessary shopping in actual shops and then home for a spot of distance shopping in virtual shops.  It is dangerously easy to shop in virtual shops as it doesn't feel like shopping at all...a little click here and another there and the deed is done. It's a bit like the Middle Aisle of Aldi and Lidl...there are so many things I didn't know I needed! I have spent a good few minutes searching for just the right item of no avail but I have ordered three other things instead. All ABSOLUTELY necessary, you understand. In these dismal grey days of January, when the skies are grey and heavy, and this particular January when the world watches with breath bated as Trump does his thing in the White House, I have found the internet to be a place where I have found sunshine and sparkly things to gladden the heart of this girl (obviously I use that term loosely). I know there are dark things on the internet and hidden nastiness but I have chosen to seek out the good, the happy and the joyous. Would that we could always do that in actual life out the good, the happy and the joyous in one another, in the world around, in ourselves. Maybe this is another Not a New Years Resolution coming upon me.
That said, my good, happy and joyous Boy will be home at any minute so I shall bid you farewell.

Do that.

Fare well.

Seek out the good
The happy
The Joyous

Let me know how it goes.

The End

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