Monday, 30 May 2016

bank holiday Monday moan(feel free to ignore)

So...this might be a bit of a moan..feel free to ignore. It is SO hard trying to  be 'normal' and 'ordinary'. We have been invited to a BBQ today with lots of other people we know and love but we won't go..we know that Jboy might not get in the car, might not get out of the car at the other end if we DID manage to get him in the car, might not go in the house if we got him out of the car and then might not get back in the car to come home. He probably couldn't eat the food either and would be anxious about all the people....some of whom he knows but some of whom he would not know. It wouldn't be fair on him to try to make him do all that just so we can wear the mantle of fitting in. Just to try to help ME feel part of a community instead of isolated and weird.
Moan over. Thanks
The End