Tuesday, 31 May 2016

merry merry go round

So....in the merry go round that appears to be my life, or at least my emotions and therefore the nature of the things I write, yesterday I was glum but today I am feeling more on an even keel. (terrible mix of metaphors there....sorry, purists) I may not have been able to go to a BBQ and wear my mantle of 'normality' but hey, that was yesterday!!!!! Mantles of ordinariness and normality and fitting in are probably over-rated anyway!! Today I have managed to field a Boy onto his bus, have an unexpected coffee with a chum and her lovely son, plan a spot of pot gardening (it's all in the planning I am told), encourage the printer and computer to talk to each other so that I could print some Important papers and have afternoon tea out with my lovely M before the equally as lovely, if more challenging ,Jboy returned from his most marvellous day at the Most Marvellous Day Centre. I feel as if much has been achieved. OK so I haven't solved  the world peace issue, or the UK in/out of the EU issue or even thought about what we are having for dinner BUT it is all comparable!!! Sometimes  simply getting through the day is a victory!!!
Maybe my merry go round is like Mary Poppins' ...the carousel horses sometimes gallop off and do their own thing!!! (I love that notion)
Happy Tuesday and very nearly Happy June!!!!!!

The End