Thursday, 19 May 2016

Jboy and the admirer's a thing...every Thursday, the MMDCstaff take my Boy and chums to a Tea Dance where they and others of  Other abilities get together and have a jolly time. At this Tea Dance,Jboy apparently has an admirer..a female admirer. She is, so I am told, very attentive. He , however,likes to employ the technique of largely ignoring her.(Treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen- perhaps?)  Today, Jboy was not at the Tea Dance because he was at home with me, not being sick (Rules is rules and I DO understand that, really I do). A few minutes ago, there was a knock on our  front door. I unpeeled Jboy from my shoulder (M is away,watching DG doing what DG loves to do)and found one of the MMmembers of the staff from the MMDC. He had brought with him an invitation from Jboy's female admirer.... to her birthday party. Sadly, there was no date or address or information of any her love may have to remain unrequited....and Jboy will just have to maintain his reputation as 'aloof man about town'.
AND, on another note, what dedication on the part of the member of staff to bring it round ,personally..told you they were Marvellous!!!
The End