Thursday, 26 May 2016

tra la la

So...guess what I saw today at silly o'clock.....yes, a baby deer. A deerling. A deerlet. Yes, mummy and daddy deer have indeed produced at least one baby. There may be more but I only spotted one. That's the end of my summer bedding plants then!!!! Jboy was suitably interested then banged loudly on the window to scare them away..which it did. I have slightly mixed feelings about it all....the baby deer are SO sweet and it all looks idyllic and lovely...until I see the result of their visit in the form of munched mesembryanthemums!!! That's less sweet, idyllic or lovely. Now,while I was bathing the Boy this morning at something like 5.00am, I decided to have a little trill. I had singing lessons in the not so distant past and loved it..until it became a choice between the family eating and having toilet roll or me having singing lessons. With a sigh, I made the grown up decision....but I remember some of the vocal warm up I flexed my singing muscles and had a trill. Jboy enjoyed fact, he laughed and laughed and laughed. Hmmm. That reminded me of another time I was singing in the shower and heard M thundering up the stairs...he hammered on the bathroom door, saying, in an anxious tone,"Are you alright in there? What's happened?"..."I'm singing,"I replied. "Oh,"he said,"I really thought you were in pain". Hmmmm..perhaps I won't go in for that talent show after all!!!!
I know...maybe I could sing to the deer!!!!!! That should solve that problem then! :-)
The End