Sunday, 29 May 2016

Jboy and the Sunday outing

So...Jboy and the Sunday outing...M was Parent on Duty today so by the time I emerged from sleep, he and Jboy were raring to go..., after doing housely things such as hanging the washing out, we were all ready to go. M and I had decided that we would not go to a garden centre today but that we would try our alternative Jboy-entertaining activity of parking at a goodly distant car park in the city and walking to the centre. Jboy often has his own plans about going out...however, he fails to let us in on the secret and today was no exception to that rule. He was clutching his Going out Bag which contains all that a Jboy could need or require so evidently wanted to be out....we introduced the idea of going in the car.This was when we realised that HIS plan and ours were very different. He was very in his disapproval of the idea. I have the scratches on the backs of my hands to prove it..and the hedge at the front was bedecked with strands of my silvery hair which Jboy had seen fit to remove forcibly from my head. Maybe he felt that the hedge lacked some shiny decor!!!! M and I had determined that our plan was the one which was going to happen today so after some considerable negotiation (ie me saying."Car or house?"repeatedly to the Boy , using the well used broken record technique, so that he knew the alternative to going in the car was NOT a stroll into town (we did that yesterday and will probably do that again tomorrow) but rather staying in the confines of the house) he climbed into Velma and our day could continue. Once ensconced, Jboy was a smiling and chuckling picture of jolliness as we set off for our nearest city. We parked, not in our usual Narnian car park, but in another known to us but not so well known to The Boy. We were quite early so the town was relatively empty and walking through was not the trial it can sometime be as Jboy grabs and flaps his way along. We passed what seemed to be a massive celebration with drums sounding out loudly into the street. The people flocking to this celebration were all beautifully and ornately dressed in long golden saris and elaborately decorated clothes. It sounded like fun!! M and I wondered if we would manage to get Jboy past the drums and thankfully we did. We went to our usual haunt for refreshment then, having been fed and watered, we made our slow way back to the car. This time we passed two chaps playing oil drums, saucepans and plastic bins in the style of Stomp, without the dancing. They were outstanding. Meanwhile,Jboy had spotted a children's merry go round in the distance with flashing lights which won his interest. So, off we went and then we stood by said merry go round for some time until M and I managed to entice Jboy away with promises of sandwiches. After a minor protest about getting into Velma, we drove home and here we are.....home at last. Sandwiches made and consumed. M in the garden and we are watching WallE(again)...well, it turns out I am watching WallE while Jboy has a nap. These outings don't half take it out of you, you know!!!
The End