Friday, 20 May 2016

who needs a gym when you have a Jboy?????

So...another day of walking around, trying to keep Jboy entertained and off my head, while he is not being sick..(see above(or is it below??) posts for further info if you wish). We set off into our small market town at 8.45ish having been up since 4.30am...felt like we had done a day already!! Jboy was happy to walk into town and have a stand on the square. He was a little reluctant to go to the cafĂ© but did so. We met with a lovely fact my new definition of a true friend is someone who will go into a coffee house which they do not like and drink the coffee which they find unpleasant in order to keep me company and delay the onset of maternal madness..Thank you, lovely chum (you know who you are). Once we had completed our stay in said coffee house, Jboy was off.....we resumed our position on the town square where we spent many a happy hour, beside a bench while he watched bus after bus...after bus after bus ,in fact( we were there for some time!!) When I could stand it no longer, I whispered 'time to go home for a  sandwich' in to his shell like ear. He responded positively. At first. The positivity did not last ,despite continued whispering and even the singing of a sandwich song. Coming home was a trial. A long drawn out trial....but home we are at last and I feel physically as if I have completed a circuit or two(or 5) at the gym. Everything aches . Jboy, however, has his coat clutched in his hot little hand and is looking at me hopefully...I am going to watch DG this evening doing what she loves to do. I do hope I stay awake!!!
The End
 a shell like......