Friday, 20 November 2015

house of cupboards

So...Jboy and the house of in our family includes a fair amount of cupboardage. Our TV is in a cupboard, our DVD player is too, our music machine is in a cupboard and the CDs in a separate one. Even the fridge has its own lovely cupboard, made by the ever-resourceful M.  In answer to the question',why?', the answer is of course...Jboy.  We have been through several TVs, at least two music machines and when we came into the room where the CDs  live to find them scattered all over the floor like some giant silvery dragon had passed through, shedding its scales as it went,we decided that the time had come for cupboardage. Consequently, any attempt at media inspired entertainment takes persistence, determination and is not to be done in a hurry. 'Quick, put the TV on....there's (insert name here) on..' is no longer a sentence to be heard in our house.  And the fridge? Well, when we found the lactose intolerant Jboy happily munching on a lump of cheese which he had rescued from the fridge, M leapt into action and constructed a lovely wooden fridge cupboard.  These cupboards are not a recent inclusion in our household but in case you visit us and feel the need for media inspired entertainment or a piece of cheese, I suggest you look for a cupboard.
Interestingly, none of the CUPboards contain cups.
The End

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