Sunday, 29 November 2015

new shoes

So... Jboy and the new shoes.....when Jboy started to walk when he was about 8 , it became apparent that even this was not going to be simple.  His toes splayed outwards and his heels rolled inwards...walking was not going to be a walk in the park (!). So..enter yet another professional to our number (at one point we had about 20 professionals of one sort or another involved..but that is a different story). This most marvellous medical professional and his cohort were charged with the task of finding a way to enable Jboy to walk more comfortably and easily.  This they did.  He was issued with a pair of splints..or AFOs as they are known. Not quite as simple as I make it sound. This required a visit to the hospital whereupon a cast needed to be taken of his lower legs and feet, then the cast made into plastic splints which were so designed to bring his feet into proper alignment. Also not quite as simple as it sounds. To make a cast required Jboy to be still. Completely still;. To be completely still while a strange person wrapped his feet in strange stuff then held on to fact, it took 7 people. Yes literally 7. One for each leg, one for each arm (to stop flailing), one for his body, one to cut the cast off when 'cooked' and me manically singing songs in an attempt to calm us all.  This needed to be done every time his feet grew.  It was not a task which filled us with joy and lightness of spirit..... new splints=new shoes. This leads me on to the new shoes.  Being a chap who dislikes change with a passion, new shoes are ,and always have been, a challenge. We have to try to find ones which are as identical to his last pair as possible. Thankfully, these days he just has special inserts in his shoes as his feet have stopped growing but still have a tendency to splay outwards. We now only need to buy shoes when absolutely necessary.  Yesterday was such a day. He was not impressed. They are brown not black and we did not get them from Brantano. He is not happy. Not happy.
Best foot forward
The End

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