Tuesday, 3 November 2015

jolly holidays

So...holidays. What are they all about then??  We don't go far with Jboy at all. When he was little we had to be within easy reach of a major hospital, in case we needed to access the medics quickly. As he got older and more stable we ventured slightly further away and even made it to France!!  However as the years have gone by Jboy has become less and less keen to go away at all.Our last memorable holiday with him was to the Borders in Scotland.  He would only go from the little cottage to the car and back from the car to the cottage(with a drive about in between)...all our planned walks and explorings remained as plans.  It slowly dawned on M and I that maybe he wasn't happy being on holiday at all. I know..it took us a while! We always wanted him to be with us because after all he is part of who we are as a family so we always found houses with downstairs bedrooms and bathrooms for him, in areas that we thought he might be able to access.  But on this particular holiday it was clear, even to us dullards, that he was Not Happy.  We didn't quite know what to do with this revelation.  Did it mean no holidays for us ever again?? 
It hasn't meant that as his Most Marvellous Short Break centre said that we could have up to 7 days altogether......as long as there were 28 days before and 28 days after these 7 days (so he wouldn't count as being in care) (that old chestnut).  So the year following the Scottish trip, we had a holiday without Jboy. It was weird and scary and sad but also kind of fun and relaxing. We could go into small shops, or art galleries, or walk on uneven ground..the possibilities felt endless. We have had two such breaks without him..I have struggled with guilt each time but on seeing his happy little face on our return, I know that he too has had a ball.
We might make it a bit further next year.....if we dare, Who knows???

The End

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