Wednesday, 11 November 2015

the wall of anti-leakage slips

So....anti-leakage slips....what are they??  They are , in fact, giant nappies.....yes, my boy is doubly incontinent. There. That's that out of the way!

Today is the day when I have to Wait In for the delivery of said 'slips'.  The system is such that I have to remember to contact the delivery firm at least two weeks before the next delivery is due and tell them that , yes, we do need the delivery please thank you very much.  They tell me that it will be on a specific date(on the delivery form that I have to use to ring them to tell them that yes I do need the delivery of  the 'slips') so I do in fact already know the date but I always say,'Oh thank you very much' as if it is a surprise to me...because I am that sort of person.

We get two months worth at a used to be three but who has room for three months worth of giant nappies in their house???

I wait and I wait. Sometimes they surprise me and bring our wall of slips at 8 in the morning which upsets Jboy no end because it is Not What Happens at 8 in the morning....then I have to calm him down, while trying to fit the wall into the house, and while stopping him from escaping outside because if the door is open then that surely must mean we are going to have Our Stand on the pavement and wait for the Right Bus. Often though, the wall isn't delivered until later in the day.

They can never tell me when it will be, not even down to morning or afternoon.

I am not a person who likes to sit about and wait. I like to be out and about.  I can't go in the garden because I won't hear the delivery van/man and if I am deemed to be 'not in', they take them away and I have to go through the whole palaver again.  I can't go upstairs and do housewifely things because I won't hear the van/man.  Not because our house is SO huge that you can't hear a knock on the door but because I have tinnitus which has rendered me a bit deaf and so I CAN'T always hear a knock at the door.

So I am waiting.

When the wall arrives, it actually comes in enormous boxes. I need to remove them from the boxes because they don't fit anywhere. Then I build a wall. It fits in Jboy's room. Acts a bit like insulation. Maybe I could market it????

And today is that day.

So I am waiting.

I have steamed cleaned everything that can be steam cleaned downstairs and it is still only 9.55.

Perhaps I shall have another cup of tea....tea always makes the waiting easier. But no, wait...then I will need the loo and I might not hear the van/man. 

calloo callay

The End

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