Friday, 20 November 2015

senses and sensibility

So...Jboy and senses and sensibility....many moons ago , when Jboy was born, he was functionally both deaf and blind. He had the equipment but it just didn't seem to be working. So, we had to ask ourselves the question of how to deal with a very poorly baby( the deafness and the blindness were just two of the many things that the poorly little chap had to cope with) who could neither see nor hear us. Well, once we had scraped ourselves off the floor, we knew we had to concentrate on the senses that were apparently working...smell and touch. Smell: I made sure that I always used the same perfume which I sprayed liberally all over me and my clothes so that the smell of roses would reach him before I did so that he would know it was me. I still do use rose perfume to this day but it has become harder and harder to find as the perfume peeps seem to remove rose from their collections on an annoyingly regular basis.  I have found one but it costs several arms and legs to buy so I am less liberal with the sprayage...but thankfully, he can see me now as his vision and hearing kicked in at about two. Touch: I had long hair ( still do but it is now somewhat paler...who knew I would end up as a blonde??) and draped it across him so he could feel it was me. Looking back, this may have been a mistake as my hair is still something he likes to entangle his fingers in but the fingers of a 27 year old are very, very different from those of a little baby but on the plus side, at least I know where he is!!. M used to encourage Jboy to feel his beard (which still adorns M's chin but now looks a little as if he has dipped his chin in some cream) and when Jboy is tired, he still likes to rub M's chin. Jboy can see and hear now but if he is poorly, or particularly stressed or tired .he only seems able to use one of these two senses. Neither one nor the other is dominant so we have to guess which one it is!!!
And sensibility means 'emotional responsiveness' which I think and hope we achieved!
The End
P.S. has anyone else noticed that the mayor in Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom looks like Boris Johnson?    Oh I must get out more.....

(with apologies to all my FB friends)

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