Monday, 23 November 2015

the grief thief

So..when a chap or chapess with  extensive Otherabilities is born  something happens that you might not expect to happen.  Grief comes in and hits you so hard you are breathless. Silently screaming, you find yourself in a strange twilight world where you have to carry on with everyday life but inside you are shrivelled with pain. Of course you love your little chap or chapess with every fibre of your being and defend them as a lioness might but the reality is that you expected someone quite different.  The days go by and a new and different reality sets in. You fight for your  little chap/ess as often the world of Otherabilities is a constant battle: fighting for recognition of his or her condition , fighting for funding, fighting for help, even fighting to fit into a world which for you has been turned  upside down and inside out.  Grief often sneaks in and robs you of your joy when you least expect it...that can, of course, be said of anyone who is grieving. There is no cure. It doesn't end. Grief is a thief.

The End

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