Sunday, 22 November 2015

persistent unreasonable behaviour

So...'unreasonable persistent behaviour'....'what of it?', I hear the cry across the ether..'what is it?', another puzzles, brows furrowed....'oh no, psycho-speak' a moan emits.....well, both of you can relax as i shall explain what i am burbling on about.
While M and I were chatting over coffee and a pastry in the Ikea cafe today(yes ,we ventured to Ikea...why there? because coffee is free on Sundays before 11) ,we pondered on our life together and how we now gain enjoyment and relaxation from the most ordinary of sitting in the Ikea cafe which means that Jboy is contained and happy so M and I have a chance to talk to each other. .  This deep and meaningful thought had come about because we were yet again on our way to m-i-l's house to clear the final bits before the house is sold and a group of students move in (the poor neighbours paled at this news and looked at us accusingly as if we had chosen the buyers especially.....). Life changes often bring about reflection and this is what we were doing.  But what has this to do with 'unreasonable persistent behaviour' I hear you ask.  Well, these are the things parents do for their know, being elbow deep in slurry on a fairly regular basis, or plastered  in a fine coat of pureed something or ,as they get older, being awake and listening for them coming in to make sure they are safe and don't need rescuing from the latest party or choosing to go to Ikea..for fun!!!!!  In the Otherability world,this behaviour continues for much longer. Who would have thought, for example, that we would still be changing nappies and still have those knees which come from constant kneeling on the floor..crocodile skin knees. It is 'persistent' because we keep doing it (whatever 'it' might be) and it is 'unreasonable' because the things we ,and countless others do, is getting up at 1.30 in the morning, or having hair constantly rearranged, being scratched to smithereens (good word ,that) because, sometimes, when my boy is scared or angry  the only way he can express this turns out to be shredding my arm...unreasonable.  Persistent unreasonable behaviour is the technical term I call it love.

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