Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Jboy and the transitions

My boy isn't one who likes change.  I know, how many of us do?  But as with many other aspects of his life and make-up, he objects in his own way to things changing.  He won't tolerate big changes..ie the wrong bus arriving in the mornings to pick him up, or us deciding that we need to go back the way we came when walking (we have to cross the street and pretend it isn't going back) but he also finds little changes perplexing.  Like going into one room from another...he will often bang his head against the doorframe..it has become a bit of a 'tic' really. This is known in the Otherability world as a transition.  He doesn't do transitions well.  He has another 'tic' or maybe a  'tell'...when he is anxious/cross/perplexed he will make a clicking sound with his tongue (think dolphin)...when he does this we know he getting anxious/cross/perplexed and can try to talk him calmly through the transition. Of course it doesn't always work.
For my boy, who doesn't understand much of the world really, these transitions, never mind how small, are scary. Who will be in the room? What will be in the room? will I have to do something in the room? I don't actually know how much he can think these things but then it isn't my job to worry about how much he knows but to help him through every transition and help him know he is safe and loved and it is all alright.

I do my best to do that.

The End

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