Monday, 9 November 2015

the continuing saga of the respite system

So..Jboy has just enjoyed some time at his respite/short break centre. As indeed have we enjoyed him being there.  However I have discovered that next year in Feb/Mar and April the centre is closed for refurbishment.....AAARRGGHH!!  Jboy will be sad not to have his regular stay away from us where he can watch TV when he wants, play with the fish tank and wrap various members of staff around his little fingers. 

Also , by May I may be hairless!!!!! (stress, Jboy pulling on it.....that sort of thing)

They offered to try to find him some where else to stay but if I tried to take Jboy  Somewhere Else , I imagine a small revolution would take place. So, how to explain to a chap of very limited understanding and fewer words, that he will have to put up with ever increasingly exhausted parents until May.....?

Answers on the proverbial postcard please

The End

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