Saturday, 28 November 2015

Jboy and the car battle

So....Jboy and the battle of the car....Jboy is a Boy with determined ideas. Sometimes he likes to get in the car. Sometimes he does not. Today, was one of the not liking to get in the car days.  It is hard to know ,when we open the door of a morning, what sort of day it is going to be. We need to prepare ourselves for either eventuality.We gird ourselves accordingly. Once he is IN the car, Jboy loves it and chuckles his way to wherever we are going, directing us very clearly as to whether to have music on or off, whether he wants it to be louder or not..he is particularly pleased if we get stuck behind a tractor (M less so) or a convoy of motorbikes(even M quite likes that). It is getting him into the car which is the sticky was one of those sticky days. Sticky? Today was Supergluesticky. One look at the open car door and Jboy was on the floor. We tried negotiating..tricky with a chap who doesn't understand negotiation. We tried the parental 'Do I need to give you THREE?', a sentence known to strike terror into many a child (What DOES happen when you get to three??? ) but it seemed that nothing would work and we were doomed to a day IN. After the bazillionth time of trying ,and failing, to get him in the car, Jboy stood up, went to the open car door and indicated very clearly that he wanted to get in.....and looked at us as if to say 'what ARE we waiting for?'. In he popped and off we went. M and I in silence, chests heaving with the exertion of a bazillion efforts to get the Boy into the car, Jboy chuckling in the back.
We are left wondering who won the battle of the car?????
The End

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