Monday, 2 November 2015

the mystery of the respite system

So..our weekend without  Jboy has passed in a haze of sorting and clearing and visits to the tip. Things indeed which we would not have been able to do if Jboy had been with us but I now face a Monday morning, feeling almost as tired as I did last Monday, after a weekend of wakefulness. Hurrah for respite! Once, as I was on my knees (metaphorically)(on reflection perhaps I should have been actually on my knees!!) and asking about the possibility of any more help in the respite department, I was told that Yes I could have more respite but it would mean that Jboy was classed as 'being in care'.  Being in care???  two weekends a month??? what about the rest of the time?? would we not be caring during those hours???  It is a puzzle and a mystery to me. So, when he comes homes and firmly attaches himself to my head, or arm, am I being careless? When I cook his tea, with him trying to throw things into the boiling pans and me stopping him, am I being careless?  Well , no..because we don't have two weekends of respite a month!! Phew! I am not a careless mother after all!

that's a relief

The End

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