Friday, 27 November 2015

The copse of coats

So..Jboy and his copse of mentioned before, I have a forest of coats but Jboy has his own copse of coats.  We are always on the search, a perennial search, for the perfect Jboy coat. Not too thick. Not too thin. Waterproof  but also washable. Not too short in the body. Long enough in the arm. So he has a selection of coats (many also from the most marvellous charity establishments in MaHa). There are reasons for his copse....his coats need frequent washing. He will only wear black coats so we try to have two per season...two thin ones, two slightly thicker ones get the idea. He even has a leather one which I bought from a charity shop..except he looks a bit like a member of the Russian mafia when he wears it...especially when M has cut Jboy's hair (by 'cut' I mean used the hair trimmer thingy on a number 3 . Jboy will not sit still long enough to have a proper hair cut so M follows him around with the hair trimmer thing, diving in when he can,often accompanied by me singing a hair cutting song...hence the number we don't need to do it very often , in theory)  The perfect coat still eludes us...his thick coat is too warm at the moment - his forehead glistens and he starts to smell like a ripening Camembert after a while in this one,and the next one down is too thin and the poor boy ends up shivering as we stand for our bus vigil. (M tried to sneak a gilet (black obvs) into the medium thick coat but Jboy spotted it....they don't call him HawkEye Brooks for nothing...actually they don't call him that at all). So the search continues..
Coats R Us
The End
P.S. Jboy has just recently had his number 3 AND he is wearing his leather jacket. His menacing mafia look is somewhat diluted by the pale pink manly Baby Annabel blanket he is sporting as his cloth today.

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