Sunday, 13 December 2015

the narrow road we are, another weekend without Jboy. He is at his most marvellous respite centre and we have done exciting things like sleeping, leaving cupboard doors open, turning left (Jboy only turns right outside our home) and eating cheese.  Not much perhaps but wild living indeed to us!! Our life IS very narrow and is getting narrower as Jboy gets older and more and more set in his ways would be easy to let it get us down and sometimes it does but mostly, we just live it. Every day. Just live it. Every moment. It isn't always easy.......sometimes it is awful, agony and crippling but it is the only way to be. I don't wish to sound flippant . It is a constant struggle and we often feel weary, battle worn and shell shocked but this is the life we have and we just try to live it.
It is after all , all we can do.
The End !!

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