Friday, 18 December 2015

boots and life

This is a picture I really red boots in the sunshine, taken on a lovely day in the early Summer by my lovely friend. It kind of gives an idea of who I am...long skirts, tatty boots, flowers...OK so I am bit of a hippy!!!  It helps me get through!!  Life with Jboy is often a bit of a grind but it is the little things that red boots and yellow flowers in the sunshine.  Or the golden and red leaves of the trees in Autumn or the lights and smells of Christmas. Little things that make a grindy life less grindsome.  I am often to be seen walking around our little town with a grin on my face because  some small thing has just pleased me or tickled my proberbial fancy or was beautiful. And it is amazing how many people smile back.
So, here's to a less grindsome life
The End

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